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Aakhri Sauda The Last Deal 2015 Full Movie Free Download yulradlu

Aakhri Sauda The Last Deal 2015 Full Movie Free Download
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is a 2016 Indian Bollywood thriller directed by Sandeep Kumar and produced by Mukesh Malhotra and Padmakar Athavale under the label .
Bunji Khan is a young guy who lives a life full of adventure. He lives in London and has his own club in the Trafalgar Square area. Finally, he meets a bride - Shishran - and is on the verge of marrying her. At this time, a friend comes to him and asks him to do a favor - to kidnap his wife from BH. After they do, he returns to BH's house to tell her that she is free. But BH turns out to be not only unaware of what is happening, he is grateful to him for the information, and together with his friend they are trying to prove BH's lie in practice. BH and BH's friends have to face a number of dangers, including actual murders. In the end, they find a real cargo of cocaine and decide to sell it. But when they offer a ransom, BH makes the wrong decision.
Then, in another world, the Jamaican meets Rhea, who works for BH as a spy and later falls in love with him. Suddenly, the Jamaican is kidnapped.
One day, the guys meet a girl named Pappali - everything around is in danger, and they decide to fight together with the terrorists who have taken the hostages. Meanwhile, Pappally finds out that she is BH's cousin - she was kidnapped because she has secrets in her soul that could destroy the whole world. f02ee7bd2b